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Sandy Carney

Good to Grow post holding:   Treasurer

Horticulturalist (FdSc Horticulture), MPA, currently studying MSc in Rural enterprise…..keen to work with others of similar horticulture ethics and passions to share, encourage and support communities and the environment

Passion for locally grown produce with a sustainable approach sees Sandy now as a new horticulture graduate. Horticulture studies has opened many pathways and interests.

In particular, urban conservation models to connect communities to each other, food, environment and self. Working with Good to Grow Co-Operative is an exciting vehicle to create this urban connection with community, joining with other horticulturalists (or anyone passionate) and support the environment through an ethical business model.      

Sandy also has recently developed her own sustainable cut flower production unit within Northern Ireland, supporting local florists, farm shops and wholesalers. Along with the Foundation Degree in Horticulture, Sandy has attained a Masters in Public Administration, Professional Cookery and Bakery certification, ILM in Coaching and Level 2 Certificate in Agriculture Business Operations plus various Lantra safety certificates.    

With a 30-year administration career within health brings skills of leadership, planning, and resource management. The Foundation Degree encourages students to develop and contribute to the success of the horticulture industry.  Good to Grow enables collation of complementary skills with colleagues of similar ethics and passion to share, encourage and support communities and the environment

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